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Using the CUBE


Hold the multifunction button until the LED turns green and you hear 3 beeps.


Hold the multifunction button until the LED turns off and you hear 1 long beep followed by 1 short beep.

Still Photos

Press the multifunction button once. You’ll hear a short beep and the LED will blink red once.


Double-press the multifunction button. You’ll hear two short beeps and the LED will blink red while you are recording. To stop recording, press the button. You’ll hear a single short beep and the LED will return to a solid green.

Select Your Resolution

Capture video at either 720p or 1080p. Using a coin or other flat object, turn the controls cover counterclockwise to open. Set the 720p/1080p switch to your preferred setting. Turn the controls cover clockwise to close.

SD Card

  • The microSD card stores your photos and videos.
    • To insert a microSD card
      • Use a coin or other flat object to turn controls cover counterclockwise. Insert card into slot and gently push in until you hear a click. Turn the cover clockwise to close.
      • To remove a card
        • Gently push the card in, release and the card will slide back out.
      • The CUBE cannot work without a microSD card. If you try to start your CUBE without a microSD card, you will hear a beeping alarm and see the LED indicator blinking orange.
    • Your Polaroid CUBE camera takes microSD cards up to 32GB.
      • We suggest using microSD cards Class 10 and above. Cards lower than Class 6 may cause slower recording/reading speed as well as other unexpected issues.

Connect to Your Computer

  • Insert the included microUSB cable into the microUSB port and the other end into your computer.
  • Double-click the Polaroid CUBE camera when it appears on the desktop.
  • Your still photos and videos are located in the DCIM folder.

Launch Your Settings Application

a) Windows users: Double-click on the PolaroidCube.exe file.
b) Mac users: Double-click the PolaroidCube.app.zip file, then double-click the Polaroid CUBE icon.

  • In the application, you can change the settings for
    • Light Frequency
    • Timestamp
    • Cycle Recording
    • Date & Time
    • Buzzer Volume

Note: Quicktime player is required for correct playback of video files with audio.

Battery & Charging

  • To charge your Polaroid CUBE, plug one end of the included microUSB cable into the microUSB port and the other into either a computer or into a wall plug using a wall adaptor. (The camera can still be used when charging from the wall).
    • While charging, the LED will blink orange.
    • When battery reaches 10% the LED will glow orange.
    • Your camera will automatically shut down if battery level reaches 0%.

Magnet Safety Warnings

    The magnet mount on your Polaroid CUBE is a low-powered magnet. As with any magnet, it is best to follow these safety precautions:

  • Medical Devices

    • Some medical devices can be sensitive to magnetic fields. If the user has a pacemaker, defibrillator, implanted insulin pump, or other electronic medical device or has health issues that require the use of any such device, avoid using the Polaroid CUBE and/or any related accessories until consulting a physician.
  • Pregnant Women

    • Pregnant Women should consult a physician before using any magnetic device.
  • Damage to Electronics/ Magnetic Storage Media

    • Direct contact to magnetic fields may cause damage to magnetic storage media, hard drives, electronic devices and credit cards/ items with electronic stripes. To avoid damage, extend USB cord as far as possible from your computer, or use a longer microUSB cord.


During extended use, your Polaroid CUBE camera may feel warm to the touch. This is a normal operating occurrence and does not indicate any product defect or reason to slow down the fun.
Have questions? Need technical support? Want to know more? Get in touch at: cspolaroid@camarketing.com | www.polaroidcube.com