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Can the Polaroid Cube be used as a webcam?

Unfortunately, the Polaroid Cube can’t be used as a webcam.

Why is my camera flashing orange when I try to record?

The Polaroid CUBE does not have built-in storage to record photos and videos. Please insert a blank microSD card (not included) up to 32GB to begin recording. If your camera’s LED continues to flash orange, please try powering the Polaroid Cube off and powering it back on. If the problem persists, try formatting the microSD card and attempt again.

When I plug the Polaroid CUBE into my computer’s USB port, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

When plugging in the Camera it must have the SD card in the camera. Once the camera is successfully connected to your computer, locate and view the files stored on the card. (The camera acts like a regular thumb drive.) To view images and videos, open the folders there that contain those items. You can click and drag photos or videos onto another location on your computer to quickly transfer them, or you can open the Polaroid settings application by double-clicking it to change the basic settings of the Polaroid Cube.

Why is sound not playing on my video?

In order to hear the audio on .MOV files, you should download QuickTime Player or VLC Player. Both downloads are free and should allow you to view the files and hear the audio. VLC provides a free converter if the customer needs to use Windows Media Player or Windows Movie Maker.
VLC – http://Videolan.org Quicktime -http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

Will the magnet on the Polaroid Cube still work with the Bumper Case?

Yes! The bumper case is designed to allow the magnet to function. The strength of the magnetic connection is reduced somewhat,but it should still mount firmly to most metal surfaces.

How long will the Polaroid Cube record consecutively?

Up to 90min. Please note that recording in Full
HD (1080p) will reduce the time the camera is able to record.

How long does the Polaroid Cube take to charge?

The Polaroid Cube should be fully charged after 1-2 hours connected to power.