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Polaroid CUBE


Quick Overview

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Sports Lifestyle Action Video Camera

The Polaroid CUBETM HD lifestyle action video camera is weatherproof/splash proof, mountable and built to handle everything you can imagine.

  • Records HD 1080p/720p video

  • Professional 6MP Still Photos

  • 124º viewing angle

  • Weatherproof/splash proof

  • LED Indicator

  • Microphone

  • Built in high capacity battery, records up to 90 minutes

  • Available in a variety of colors: black, red, and blue


Availability: In stock


*Accessories and memory are each sold separately. Requires Micro SD Card to function.


what’s your resolution?

Most of life looks great in 720p but we all know there are moments that deserve nothing less than full 1080p. Select 1080p at 30 frames per second for stunning full HD playback. Either way, you control video file size and image quality with the flick of a switch.

go large

Let your friends and family see the total picture of your life. With its 124° wide angle lens, the Polaroid CUBE promises to deliver footage as large as your adventures. No one will doubt your glory again.

go small

35 x 35 x 35mm size means you can go stealth. Easily hidden for wildlife capture, as well as lightweight enough to not stress your baggage allowance, the small frame is ready for every video and photo op minus fumbling or fuss.

in the black...

…or the red, or the blue. Stand out from the crowd with an HD video camera in a variety of gorgeous colors and record your life’s escapades in a spectrum of style.

the water’s fine

A tough little rubberized frame makes your Polaroid CUBE weather resistant and splashproof. Need something more…immersive? Use the optional Waterproof Case and really go deep down, 33’ (10m) down to be exact.

we hear you

Great footage from your ski trip just isn’t the same without the sounds of whooshing. A built-in mic ensures that we hear the ecstasy of the carve and the agony of the face plant.

be still

Our HD video camera was made knowing that sometimes you just want to capture the perfect shot. Shoot still images from your Polaroid CUBE in full 6 megapixel resolution.

singular control

Turn it on (and off), toggle between video and still to record and capture, all from one thumb-friendly button.

mount up

Our family of mounts instantly convert your Polaroid CUBE into a ski cam, cycle cam, dog cam…all kinds of cams! Choose from Helmet Mount, Bicycle Mount and more. Our Waterproof Case + Suction Mount will easily affix to your surfboard and capture your ride for posterity.

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  • Video capture resolution: 1920 x 1080; 1280x720 (30FPS)
  • Recording format: H.264
  • Still image resolution: 6 megapixels; JPEG still image
  • Lens: 124º wide angle lens (F 2.0, f=3.4mm)
  • Viewing angle: 124º (wide angle)
  • Weatherproof/splash proof. (Waterproof up to 10M with waterproof case)
  • External memory: support Micro SD card, up to 32GB
  • Battery & power: lithium battery, 90 Min
  • Microphone: included
  • Output: USB 2.0
  • PC and Mac interface: Micro USB Port (USB 2.0)


Phone: 800-226-6534
Email: cspolaroid@camarketing.com

User Manual (Languages: English, Russian, Chinese simplified, Japanese, Korean, Arabic)

Warranty (Languages: English, Russian, Chinese simplified, Japanese, Korean, Arabic)

User Manual (Languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, French)

Warranty (Languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, French)

User Manual (Languages: Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian)

FAQ Section

Q: Why is my camera flashing orange when I try to record?

A: The Polaroid CUBE does not have built-in storage to record photos and videos. Please insert a blank microSD card (not included) up to 32GB to begin recording. If your camera's LED continues to flash orange, please try powering the Polaroid Cube off and powering it back on. If the problem persists, try formatting the microSD card and attempt again.

Q: When I plug the Polaroid CUBE into my computer's USB port, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

A: When plugging in the Camera it must have the SD card in the camera. Once the camera is successfully connected to your computer, locate and view the files stored on the card. (The camera acts like a regular thumb drive.) To view images and videos, open the folders there that contain those items. You can click and drag photos or videos onto another location on your computer to quickly transfer them, or you can open the Polaroid settings application by double-clicking it to change the basic settings of the Polaroid Cube.

Q: Why is sound not playing on my video?

A: In order to hear the audio on .MOV files, you should download QuickTime Player or VLC Player. Both downloads are free and should allow you to view the files and hear the audio. VLC provides a free converter if the customer needs to use Windows Media Player or Windows Movie Maker. VLC - http://Videolan.org Quicktime - http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

Q: Will the magnet on the Polaroid Cube still work with the Bumper Case?

A: Yes! The bumper case is designed to allow the magnet to function. The strength of the magnetic connection is reduced somewhat,but it should still mount firmly to most metal surfaces.

Q: How long will the Polaroid Cube record consecutively?

A: Up to 90min. Please note that recording in Full HD (1080p) will reduce the time the camera is able to record.

Q: How long does the Polaroid Cube take to charge?

A: The Polaroid Cube should be fully charged after 1-2 hours connected to power.

Q: Can the Polaroid Cube be used as a webcam?

A: Unfortunately, the Polaroid Cube can’t be used as a webcam.

Q: What is Cycle Recording?

A: Cycle recording means that as long as the Polaroid Cube has battery power, videos will be recorded in a cycle. Once the microSD card is full, the Polaroid Cube will continue recording but begin erasing the oldest footage on the card with the newest.

Q: The description on the website says the Polaroid cube can record up to an hour and a half but mine is maxing out at 1 hour... Why?

A: Check the resolution setting under the twist off battery cover- generally the 1080p setting will take up more space due to its higher image quality and resolution. If you want more recording time but slightly lesser quality, flip the switch to 720p.

Cube Firmware Update Installation Instructions

If the Cube application does not open correctly on your computer, you may need to update the Firmware. To update the firmware on your Polaroid Cube:

1. Download the firmware file HERE onto your computer.

2. Insert a microSD card into your Polaroid Cube and plug the Cube into your computer’s USB port.

3. Open the Cube microSD on your computer in Windows Explorer.

4. Move the Firmware file downloaded from the link above to the microSD card.

5. Eject the Cube from your computer. (One way to do this is to right click the Cube volume on the left and choose “Eject”.)

6. Once the Cube has been ejected, remove the USB cable from the Cube.

7. Power the Cube on. You should see the LED Indicator on the Cube flash rapid yellow for about 2 seconds. After the LED Indicator stops flashing rapidly yellow, the firmware should be successfully installed.

Understanding the LED's Functions

Rapid Orange Flash:

No SD card/SD card is full/SD Card is reading too slowly
Camera will turn off after 3 minutes of inactivity

Slow Orange Flash During Video Recording:

Battery power is under 10% (around 3.62V)
Camera will turn off when power dips to 3.55V

Orange Light with 4 Beeps in Idle Mode:

Battery power is under 10% (around 3.62V)
Camera will turn off when power dips to 3.55V

Orange Light While Connected to Power or PC:

Internal battery is recharging
Light will turn green at full charge

Orange Flash While Connected to PC:

Data is transferring between camera and PC

  1. heheheh

    Review by :)

    hahahahhahahha(Posted on 8/3/2015)

  2. : )

    Review by Maria

    My cousin got this camera for x'mas and i thought it was super cool, so now i´m planing on getting one, and i´m super exited!!(Posted on 12/27/2014)

  3. pleased

    Review by Mara Beth

    I just got my cube this morning for Christmas. I was disappointed because I had never heard of one and a polaroid camera was all I asked for. I opened it and was like "what the heck is this?" I did some research on this little thing and I'm very pleased. I haven't used it yet because I don't have the little card, but I'm very excited to try it out!(Posted on 12/25/2014)

  4. Dalla instant camera alla INSTANT ACTION CAMERA!!!

    Review by Zahre

    ​B​isogna andare oltre il concept della action camera per questo nuovo prodotto Polaroid!
    ​N​on pensate alla sua funzione di action camera come l'abbiamo sempre intesa grazie alle più importanti e performati GO-PRO che hanno reso famoso questo genere di video recorder e alle spettacolari prodezze degli sportivi!
    ​La polaroid CUBE va oltre tutto questo! E'​ una cam piccola, pratica e divertente che puoi tenere attaccata al collo o al passante del jeans con gli accessori disegnati proprio per tenerla a portata di mano nei momenti in cui ne hai bisogno, per fare un piccolo video in ogni istante.
    ​E' un'idea smart e divertente da tenere sempre a portata di mano ricordando la grande esperienza delle istantanee polaroid. Una macchinetta che tieni in borsa e tiri fuori per fare un breve filmato con gli amici in spiaggia oppure porti in tasca e usi metre stai sullo skate, da lasciare in mano ad un bambino per gioco o per filmare inosservato come fosse una candid camera ...perchè la gente non si aspetta che quel cubetto sia una cam!! Oppure semplicemente perchè ci puoi giocare meglio che con il cellulare senza rischiare di far cadere e spaccare il vetro del telefono.
    ​P​oalroid ha puntato in alto con il design del gruppo AMMUNITION famoso per aver disegnato le cuffie ed i prodotti "Beats by Dr. Dre" ( non so se è chiaro!!!) che ora ha disegnato CUBE, i suoi accessori e le confezioni (semplici pratiche e carine... hanno badato pure a questo aspetto!!!!).
    La tecnologia contenuta in 35 mm per lato di questo cubetto è innanzitutto pratica e di una semplicità disarmante: un unico pulsante per accenderla, spegnerla, scattare foto, avviare e fermare la registrazione video.
    Un dado tutto di gomma, con i bordi arrotondati (..che a prima impressione sembra una piccola gomma da cancellare!!!!!), impermeabile agli schizzi, e con la sua fascia color arcobaleno che è la storica firma di polaroid ( la gente che l'ha vista nelle mie mani ha subito esclamato: ma è la fotocamera di INSTAGRAM?!?!?!?!? hahahaha ... no è quello che c'era prima, mooolto prima di instagram!!!).

    ​I​l cubetto è molto compatto e piccolo, da tenere sempre in tasca.
    ​O​ltre il pulsante, sopra c'è un piccolo led di stato: verde quando si accende la cam ( tenere premuto il pulsante per 3 sec) e rosso lampeggiante quando parte la registrazione (premere 2 volte) o rosso fisso quando scatti una foto(premere 1 volta ...non scatta foto quando registra il filmato!),
    ​verde prolungato quando la spegni (tenere premuto x 3 sec). Anche un piccolo beep ti avvisa dell stato della cam: quando la accendi (3beep brevi) o quando la spegni (beep lungo e uno breve), quando scatti la foto (un beep breve) o quando parte la registrazione (2 beep).

    NOTA BENE: nella memoria ​del buffer ​intern​o​ del CUBE c'è un programmino, per mac o win, che ti permette di gestire il livello del volume del beep, ​frequenza della luce a 50 o 60 Hz(modifica la velocità dell'otturatore per evitare sfarfallio con luci artificiali), registrazione a ciclo ( registra in continuo cancellando automaticamente le vecchie registrazioni), data della videocamera e scelta di sovraimpressione della data o no sul filmato ... è un piccolo gestionale della videocamera che non tutti hanno notato!!!!

    ​S​otto c'è una calamita molto resistente che si può attaccare alle superfici di metallo come il manubrio della bici (come si vede nei video su youtube) oppure direttamente alla carrozzeria della macchina!!!
    ​Nel lato posteriore con una monetina da 10 centesimi si svita il tappo, con la guarnizione di gomma a tenuta anitpolvere e acqua, che protegge l'alloggiamento per una memory card micro SD come quella che si usa per lo smartphone, con capienza max di 32GB (io ci ho messo una micro SD da 32 GB classe 10 H1 e ci sta benissimoe non dà nessun problema). Poi c'è il selettore per la qualità video da 720p o 1080p e l'ingresso micro-usb che serve per caricare la batteria interna che la alimenta per 90 minuti CUBE, oppure per scaricare i filmati e le foto che puoi scattare (con una risoluzione di 6MP!).
    Davanti c'è l'obiettivo ed il piccolo foro del microfono.
    E BASTA.

    ​Q​ualitativamente non si può forse paragonare ad una GO-PRO che costa il triplo, infatti questo gadget è diverso ed il suo uso è molto più vicino a quello che fu per la fotocamera polaroid: un accessorio per ricordare l'istante della vita quotidiana!
    ​La resa cromatica è ben bilanciata, l'esposizione automatica è velocissima e si adatta immediatamente alla scena della ripresa esterni - interni o vicevrsa e la definizione HD si vede bene e dà ottimi risultati. Con un frame rate di 30fps a 1920x1080p le riprese sono davvero godibili e colorate e facendo un pò di pratica con i rudimenti base della video ripresa ci si diverte davvero tanto: con una lenta carrellata ad esempio eviti di far girare la testa a chi guarda i filmati in tv!!!
    lo stabilizzatore è di grande aiuto se non hai la mano ferma o in ogni caso in cui il filmato sia in movimento. ​M​a non aspettatevi una stabilizzazione a prova di terremoto: è di aiuto​,​ ma comunque è bene cercare di tenere la mano ferma!!!!

    ​A​ltra cosa divertente è l'ampiezza della lente che spazia fino a 124° e crea un leggero effetto fish-eye che mi piace tanto. un angolo così ampio di ripresa facilita molto i selfie ad esempio, perchè sei sicuro che nell'inquadratura ci devi entrare per forza!!!!! hahahahahaha :-DDD

    ​A​ me sta piacendo davvero tanto, ha un grande potenziale che puoi sfruttare con gli accessori che sono fatti di buon materiale e non costano tanto:la custodia impermeabile non costa molto e di sicuro è uno degli accessori più utili per la vacanza al mare o per lo snowboard in montagna! meglio la versione con la ventosa che ha davvero una buona presa ed i materiali sono davvero buoni.
    ​I​o ho anche lo stand per il trepiedi che avvito sul ​mio ​piccolo gorillapod, che già uso per ​l'iphone, il CUBE si incastra facilmente nel suo alloggiamento e poi si avvita con il suo attacco a vite standard che può essere montato su un normale trepiedi fotografico e torna sempre utile usando il gorillapod come impugnatura o carrello!
    ​S​i riescono a fare cose divertenti con questa cam e la forma così compatta ti permette di sperimentare nuovi angoli di ripresa ed effetti divertenti se sei, un appassionato di fotografia .... e soprattutto senza spedere cifre assurde!
    ​I​o mi ci sto divertendo tanto!!!!!!!!

    Spero vi sia utile la mia esperienza e se avete bisogno di altre informazioni contattatemi pure!

    DIVERTITEVI!!!!(Posted on 12/23/2014)

  5. New favorite camera !

    Review by Nunzyyy

    The minute I opened my cube camera I was amazed! The first thing I noticed was the structural integrity of the cameras exterior. Being rubber makes it extremely durable and comes into play when you are as clumsy as I am . I have had to replace my GoPro several times due to the hard plastic housing and plastic exterior because the camera has nothing to absorb the shock when dropped. However, the camera itself is extremely portable and shoots amazing videos! I get best of both world; 720 for smaller files or 1080 for unbelievable and vivid footage. In addition to the videos, the pictures are just as clear! I think my favorite feature of the cube is the magnetic piece embedded into the housing of the camera which gives it a one up on any other camera out there! I can put this thing on just about anything! I am very pleased and even more impressed with this wide-angle camera. Of course I saved the best for last…… Its only $99 ! I am beyond thrilled with this camera and I am able to catch anything and everything I do and experience. Find me on Instagram @ Nunzyyy to see all the amazing videos this camera produces! Here's a link ! http://instagram.com/p/vGZj13MAQ9/(Posted on 12/2/2014)

  6. Great quality camera

    Review by Courtney C.

    As soon as I removed the Cube out of it’s packaging I couldn’t believe how small it was! Does this thing actually record 1080P videos? The cube looks like a toy, but has a very sturdy feel. The exterior is made of rubber, which makes me confident that it won’t shatter when it meets the ground. The fun factor and the durability combination makes it perfect for me! Now I can film my little girl and even encourage her to play with the camera (You can catch some great moments by doing this, FYI) without worrying about anything breaking. 
    I always thought a small action camera would be great for catching interesting angles of my kiddo, but I could never justify a $500.00 purchase simply to make little videos for Instagram. When I saw the price on the Cube, I knew it was worth a shot. The Cube delivers quality, durability, and simplicity for only $99.00! You just can’t beat that! 
    I am beyond thrilled with this camera! I’ve had more fun and captured more great moments in the last week than I have in the last year with my cell phone. The Cube inspires spontaneity and allows you to capture those special moments without being a complicated distraction. Enjoy your times AND capture them!

    http://instagram.com/p/vWSqJxmY_u/(Posted on 12/2/2014)

  7. Cool Cute Camera

    Review by Amit Ach

    Cool Cute Camera(Posted on 11/21/2014)

  8. nice product

    Review by Jon

    nice product(Posted on 11/21/2014)

  9. Great Camera

    Review by Amit Ach

    Great camera - just loving it(Posted on 11/21/2014)

  10. Neat little Camera

    Review by ActionCamMan

    Sweet little camera for those who want a little camera to capture big moments. Obviously not as good as the Polaroid XS100, but for the price, it's SO worth it!(Posted on 11/15/2014)

  11. Pretty cool cam

    Review by Matt F.

    I think this camera is pretty awesome. The quality is 1080 or 720 which is significantly lower than the new GoPro, but the CUBE is small and easy to carry around anywhere, which I like. I love that it's magnetic on the bottom so you don't have to buy any accessory like a car mount for filming. Overall: pretty good quality, easy to use, easy to carry around, fun to have for quick moments you want to capture. (Posted on 11/14/2014)

  12. Obsessed with my Cube

    Review by Nicole

    Literally love this thing. The price point, the simplicity and the quality. If you're a no-fuss type of tech enthusiast, this one is a keeper!(Posted on 11/11/2014)

  13. Fun on a budget!

    Review by Michael Cooper

    Upon removing the Cube from it’s packaging, the first thing I noticed was the rubber exterior. This thing may be tiny, but it feels very durable. I tend to be a worrier, and a little more on the cautious side. I would have an otterbox on my otterbox, if such a thing existed. The feel of the cube turned out to be one my favorite things about it. I have taken the Cube with me everywhere since I got it, and I haven’t worried once. No bulky case needed.

     One genius addition to the Cube is a magnet on the bottom. Now you don’t have to complicate a simple shot. Just find something metal and you’re set! This magnet also seems very strong. I would have no problem attaching it to the roof of my car and hitting the interstate.

    Is the Cube as good as it’s $500 competition? If you are a regular person, doing regular things, yes. The cube will accomplish what you need. I own both of these cameras, and the only way I could justify spending an extra $400 on the competition is if you are getting paid to create your videos. If you want to capture great video with a user friendly camera, I recommend the Cube.

    (Posted on 11/10/2014)

  14. Lots of fun in a little product!

    Review by Shelby Johns

    When I first opened the box with my cube in it, I was astounded at how small and sleek looking it was! I thought "surely this can't be it, its so little!". After much amazement of my new "toy", I grabbed my user manual to learn the ropes. I loved that it has one multi-purpose button. It is easy to use and so very portable! I had fun using my cube. My only concern was not being able to watch what I had recorded until I plugged it into my computer. A few times my shots were ruined because the camera wasn't positioned right and I didn't find out until it was too late. It also has a hard time taking quality video unless the lighting is really good. However, all around it is a fun gadget, I look forward to taking it on lots of adventures.(Posted on 11/8/2014)

  15. Awesome cube

    Review by Steve

    I was a little hesitant buying this camera in pre-production, but now I'm glad I did. Really nice video, smooth and steady. The wide angle lense give you that professional look to everything you do. The stills are just wonderful. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the waterproof case with the suction cup doesn't turn left or right, only tilts front and back leaving you with a limited range of positions to attach your camera. Other than that just great. All my friends love it. (Posted on 10/9/2014)

  16. I love my Cube!

    Review by Erin Orchard

    This is my first foray into the "action cam" world. I had briefly looked into get a GoPro, but considering my needs (which are simple and intermittent), I just couldn't justify buying even the cheapest GoPro (edit: I now see GoPro has a cam coming out that's $129). I saw the Cube on a photography website a few months ago and fell in love. I read about it obsessively and knew I had to have one. I knew the limitations - no wi-fi, no real editing software and only a 6MP cam. Just a little camera and some mounting accessories. It's cute, it's hip and you can definitely tell the audience this is aimed at.

    I ordered the Cube in red, a bicycle mount (for my scooter) and a bumper case. At the time of purchase, this camera was $100. I will not comment on the accessories here, but will quickly add that the bumper case is really redundant in terms of protection.

    The packaging is cute, no doubt. It's a very small camera - 35mm x 35mm (get it - 35mm?). It feels good in your hand - it has a kind of rubbery coating on the camera. The fit and finish are quite nice, too. I thought it might look kinda cheap, but it doesn't. It looks really solid and well-made. The instructions are also tiny and small. It's really simple to use: hold for three seconds to turn off/on. Press twice to record video. Press once to take a picture. There are beeps and an LED to give you feedback so you know what's going on. The LED is small and can be harder to see it broad daylight. The LED is capable of displaying three indicator colors: orange (charging), green (on) and red (recording). The beeps are loud enough and the beep volume can be adjusted with the Polaroid software that comes included on the Cube. That being said, the software/application is really limited. In fact, there's not much to it. It application shows up on the camera when you plug it in, or on the microSD card when you load it on your computer. The software just allows you to adjust light frequency, time stamp, cycle recording, date and time, and camera buzzer volume (the beeping noise it makes to let you know what it's doing).

    You can be up and recording video in a matter of seconds as soon as you take it out of its packaging. The back of the camera has a little cover that you twist open with your fingernail/coin. Under the cover are the microSD slot, USB slot and video resolution adjustment.

    Once done recording your videos/taking pictures, you can then access the content by taking the microSD card and putting it in your computer (in my case, I had to put the microSD card in an SDcard adapter and put THAT in my computer) or plugging the Cube into your computer via the impossibly short included cable. The easier option is to plug in the cube via the charger cable.

    I was initially disappointed that, when viewing my videos, they had no sound. Being impatient and upset, I quickly emailed Polaroid support. While I waited, I Googled the issue and couldn't find anything since the Cube is so new. I then came across an article about another Polaroid cam noting that you needed to use QuickTime to watch the videos. When I was watching the video in Windows Media Player, there was no sound. I downloaded QuickTime and sure enough, SOUND. So, keep that in mind if you're watching the videos in Windows Media Player.

    I think the main question one might ask is "Why would I use this instead of my smartphone?" Good question. My response would be this: it's smaller and lighter, mounting options are cheap and plentiful. If you bust it, you're out $100, not the $600 your smartphone would cost to replace it. And frankly, it's just easy to handle or magnet to something and start recording. You're NOT going to make iMovies with this thing, but that's not its intent. It's really fun to use, and I have to admit, I didn't mind not having the "instant gratification" of watching the video right after I recorded it.

    So, how *is* the video quality? It's decent. Quite good, actually. I have little to compare it to since I don't do a lot of video recording, though I do own an iPhone which takes very good video. Obviously, quality will not be great in low light. But, for my needs, it's perfect. This won't be a perfect fit for hardcore GoPro types, but for casual users like myself, it's awesome. It's simple, no frills and fun to use - I really like it. So, for all it claims to be, keeping in mind its price point and specs, it's great. The price is right and I love my Cube!

    * Super portable, easy to hold/carry and take video.
    * Good fit and finish - for the price, it feels like a quality item.
    * Easy to use - one button to power on/off, take videos and take a picture
    * Lightweight and tiny
    * It's really cute. I know that seems like a weird 'pro', but it's so adorable.
    * Video quality is good enough for my needs (may not be for yours) - keep in mind the price point.
    * Water/splash-proof.
    * The magnet! The Cube has a built-in magnet that makes sticking the camera to metal super easy. This may be my favorite feature.

    * The microSD (slot) is super tiny and large hands may struggle getting this card in and out (just access the Cube's content via the charging cable tho and you should be good)
    * I've never seen a shorter USB charging cable in my life!
    * The back cover is a little awkward to open/close.
    * Software is lacking. No editing capabilities.
    * No ability to "pause" mid-video and resume.
    * No viewing screen (which is not surprising on a camera this small in this price range).
    * An included microSD card would have been nice...(Posted on 10/7/2014)

  17. Bang for your Buck

    Review by TekNix

    Though I still have love for the GoPro series, for $99 this small HD video camera is quite awesome. I appreciate the size and the mounts they have available for any event or journey. I bought the black one and took off the side stickers to make it ninja status. Very handy for all situations!(Posted on 10/7/2014)

  18. Great Results For The Adorable Cube

    Review by KT

    Love this product. Took it to a music festival and got great photos and videos even at night. Would recommend this to any beginner - expert photographer. Very easy to use.(Posted on 10/6/2014)

  19. Good, could be better with simple changes

    Review by Randy

    The good:
    Great build quality, despite its small size feels very solid without being heavy. The price is super low compared to other action cameras. It's fun to play with and has a number of cool accessories.

    Could be awesome, but:
    LED colors and behaviors are mysterious and inconsistent with the manual. Love the single button, but waiting for beeps and lights feels clunky. After two consecutive recordings, it will stop recording but the light will continue to blink as if it is still going, good luck with this!

    Things they left out of the manual:
    Insert an SD card before you plug it in to charge, otherwise you will only get a quick orange flashing light, or if you remove the cable and replace it, you'll only get the solid orange light - it will never show green (charged) if there is no card in the camera.

    Only records video in 5 minute increments. I should rate lower as I feel it is something they really should have called out.

    (Posted on 10/3/2014)

  20. Best alternative to GoPro

    Review by Richard

    I have preferred it over GoPro due to cheaper price. Although it has just 1K of Video compared to Gopro 4k. But the price value is great(Posted on 10/3/2014)

  21. Cool cubed!

    Review by Schmidty

    Just got my Cube and so far, so good! Video quality is very good. Still pictures aren't bad either. Very cool product and I can't wait to see what I can do with it.(Posted on 10/3/2014)

  22. Polaroid just dont stop innovating!

    Review by Pixelfan

    The LED indicator really sets this camera really sets this camera apart from the competition and the amount of mega pixels packed into this beauty really show reflect the time when this company was in its heyday.(Posted on 10/3/2014)

  23. great camera

    Review by Jim

    works great, really neat
    easy to use(Posted on 10/2/2014)

  24. Great

    Review by Cameron Sheffield

    I am very happy that there is finally a cheap and afordable action camera(Posted on 10/2/2014)

  25. Love it!!!

    Review by PolaroidFan

    I love the design and details of the product. I will purchase them and let you know how it works.

    Thanks. (Posted on 9/29/2014)

  26. Great little camera!

    Review by Tobias

    I used it for a bike ride through downtown Miami and the video came out amazing. Great quality in a fun package at a very good price!(Posted on 9/26/2014)

  27. exciting

    Review by venki

    have seen some reviews on youtube. superb design and great price.
    good luck(Posted on 9/25/2014)

  28. Perfect

    Review by BocaSmowl

    Bought this little bad boy about 2 weeks ago, came early and doesn't disappoint.

    It usually opens in Windows Media Player (via USB) but to get sound, download Quicktime for free.

    Perfect for a dash camera.

    -55mph with this attached with the built in magnet on the roof of my car (hwy)....DID NOT BUDGE

    -Easy to forget about it if you keep it on the outside otherwise inside is the way to go

    -Easy to use, plug and play

    Worth every penny.

    -Fits in my pocket
    -Get a 32GB mirco SD $17 on amazon(Posted on 9/25/2014)

  29. Day in the Sun

    Review by Lee Samson

    I just love this little camera. I started to take it everywhere I go. Its addicting! Now me and my kids can record all the fun in the sun before summer really ends!(Posted on 9/24/2014)

  30. Awesome Product

    Review by Anne Dormith

    Recorded moments I hoped never happen.(Posted on 9/24/2014)

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