• flip-in-the-air

    How to Photograph Your Friends Jumps in Midair with a Polaroid Camera

    We all have that one Facebook friend with magazine-worthy cover photos, including a flawless, classic mid-air shot of friends in front of a white sandy beach and a glittering blue ocean. Are these people’s lives really that perfect, or do they have a few tricks up their sleeves? We may never know, but you can count on having some flawless photos Continue Reading
  • plane-jetsetter

    Why a Fashion-Forward Jetsetter Travels with a Polaroid Cube Camera

    Traveling to the trendiest cities opens up your eyes to the cultures of the most fabulous cities in the world. However, you don’t want to arrive to a new locale looking like the oddball. Dressing like a tourist will cause you to be treated like an outsider. Do yourself a favor by traveling in style. To do this successfully, research the styles of Continue Reading
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    How to Catch These 5 Marine Animals on a Polaroid Camera Above 33 Feet

    Do you dream of capturing amazing photos of manatees, stingrays, or sea turtles, but don’t want to invest in expensive scuba diving camera equipment? Good news: you don’t need professional dive cameras to take National Geographic-worthy photos on your next dive trip. Just keep your dives above 33 feet. Shallow diving is key to great underwater Continue Reading
  • celebrate-mountain-top

    Why This Action Camera Rocks Your Climbing Adventures

    Why This Action Camera Rocks Your Climbing Adventures El Capitan at sunset. Canyonlands in Utah. Nevada’s Red Rocks. Rifle Mountain in Colorado. As every rock climber knows, the greatest views can’t be seen from a luxury balcony overlooking the city. To really see the world and get in touch with nature, climbers know there’s nothing better than Continue Reading
  • scuba-diving

    Why Should I Take My Cube Camera Diving in Curaçao?

    Crystal clear waters, dolphins at play, giant sea turtles… welcome to Curacao, a stunning Caribbean island that’s quickly developing a reputation as one of the world’s premiere scuba destinations. Together with Aruba and Bonaire, Curacao makes up the Dutch “ABC Islands”. Curacao offers both the cultural excursions and beautiful beaches found Continue Reading
  • colorful hacky sacks

    Why Hacky Sack Looks Awesome on the Best Polaroid Camera Today

    Why Hacky Sack Looks Awesome on the Best Polaroid Camera Today Hacky sack always seems to have an air of lighthearted fun and competition with friends, perhaps because it was originally associated with “hippie culture” and the youth. But even though you might traditionally see this game played on college campuses or playgrounds, it’s Continue Reading
  • sad dog in cage

    Did You Know You Could Use Your Cube Camera to Help Rescued Animals?

    As an animal lover, you want to make sure that every animal is cared for and part of a happy family. But, sometimes it can be difficult to convince people to open their homes and their hearts. This is where you and your Polaroid Cube come in. Finding Loving Homes for Every Animal Every minute of the day, there are fifty dogs and cats born in the U.S. Continue Reading
  • wedding table

    Why Every Wedding Guest Table Needs Polaroid Cube Cameras

    Back in the day of disposable Polaroid cameras, these were a hot item for beach weddings. The hosts of these weddings would hand out cameras like candy and encourage everyone to snap the day away. Guests could keep the cameras as wedding gifts, and when the photos were processed they were gifted back to the lucky bride and groom. Everyone had a blast Continue Reading
  • safari

    The Cube Camera Makes Wildlife Photography “Hakuna Matata”?

    Lions, leopards, elephants, hippos, rhinos and giraffes… oh my! Traveling to Africa to see magnificent creatures in their natural habitats is truly a wild experience. From your first sunset over the Serengeti Plain to an up-close-and-personal encounter with a pride of lions (from the safety of your safari vehicle, that is), you’ll want to capture Continue Reading
  • haunted house

    Why You Should Film Your Scary Movie with a Cube Camera in San Diego

    San Diego is famous for being the second largest city in California, sunny year-round climate and extensive beaches. Also known as America’s Finest City, San Diego has been populated since 1542 granting it quite the history. Though the years have been kind to this fabulous city, they have also left their haunted mark. “Haunted spots” in San Diego Continue Reading
  • zombie-diving-ps

    So, Zombie Apocalypse Diving is a Thing and so is the Cube Camera?

    So, Zombie Apocalypse Diving is a Thing and so is the Cube Camera? You love the ocean and believe in protecting marine life at all costs. This is honorable. You’ve taken the time to learn everything you can about diving and gotten your dive certification. This is admirable. You are a fan of zombie television shows and movies, and you love to prepare Continue Reading
  • beautifulbeach_intext

    Going to the Beach? Don’t Forget the Polaroid Waterproof Camera!

    What can make a fun day at the beach last forever? Answer: the Polaroid Cube. It’s a tiny quarter-inch camera controlled from a single button, enabling beach photography like never seen before. Film live beach activity on the sand or in the waves, in HD, with sound. Or take breathtaking 6MP shots at sunset with the convenient and simple-to-use Cube.   Get Continue Reading
  • cameras for travel

    What is the Best Travelling Camera for Out of Country Trips?

    When consumers are planning a trip overseas, capturing every minute of such an adventure can be very important. Whether with a group of people or just a significant other, you’ll want to have a camera capable of keeping up with you and capturing every moment of the experience. Traveling out of the country also requires a few special considerations. Continue Reading
  • shutterstock_165762305

    So What Should You Capture With Your Underwater Video Camera?

    Let’s face it: underwater photography is tricky! If you’ve ever taken photos with an underwater digital camera before, you already know how disappointing the results can sometimes be once you’re back on dry land. All those brilliant corals, anemones and schools of fish end up looking washed out. And the giant sea turtle that swam by? Well, he’s Continue Reading
  • shutterstock_298121333

    Why Can’t I Get Clear Lightshow Photos With My Concert Camera?

    The lights go down, the crowd screams, and your favorite DJ takes the stage – this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Is your camera up to the task for recording all the energy and excitement? Or will you photos and video end up blurry, under-exposed or off-color? Light shows are awesome, but the quick changes in brightness and colors can make Continue Reading
  • shutterstock_173932130

    How Can a Travel Camera Tell a Story?

    Watching the sunrise turn the sky brilliant shades of pink and purple over Angkor Wat. Wandering down narrow cobblestone lanes in Florence, fingers sticky from the gelato that’s dripping down your hand. Gasping for air as the first epic panorama of Machu Pichu comes into view. Every place has its own unique ambiance and character. The challenge of Continue Reading
  • shutterstock_221935792

    How Do I Get Amazing Perspectives with My Travel Camera?

    Travel photography is more than just picturesque cobblestone streets, dramatic landscapes, and famous monuments. Great travel photography tells a story about the people and places you visit – and the best way to tell this story is by capturing amazing perspectives with your travel camera. Once you’ve mastered some composition basics, get ready to Continue Reading
  • best small camera, wildlife camera, wildlife cameras

    How Do I Capture Shy Animals On My Wildlife Camera?

    Patience is the name of the game for great wildlife photography. Whether you’re shooting on a weekend camping trip or a dream once-in-a-lifetime safari across the Serengeti, capturing shy animals on a wildlife camera takes a bit of luck and a lot of patience. For starters, the more time you spend in a shy animal’s habitat, the more insight you’ll Continue Reading
  • shutterstock_298776866

    Relive Life’s Most Exciting Moments with a Best Concert Camera

    When going to a concert, you never know just how fun the whole experience can end up being. And when you attend the concert of a lifetime, it’s important that you capture the best moments on video. With a Polaroid Cube, you can rest assured that all of your concert experiences will be enjoyed like never before. And best of all, when the concert Continue Reading
  • shutterstock_35866840

    A Great Concert Camera

    The music, the lights, the excitement in the air – there is nothing quite like a concert. When you finally get to go to that long anticipated concert you will want to capture those memories with video and photos. Not all cameras work well for concerts though, they may be bulky or too complex or unable to handle low light situations. The best concert Continue Reading
  • shutterstock_275645342

    How to Use The Polaroid Cube As A Bike Camera

    Many people bike to relax; therefore, they spend their time biking on some very scenic trails and would love to revisit their biking experience from the comfort of their own home.  Well now you can.  Polaroid has developed an amazing lifestyle action camera that will capture every detail of your biking excursion.  The Polaroid Cube is truly a marvel Continue Reading
  • dog camera, pet camera

    What Does A Dog Camera Show While You’re Away?

    A Pet Camera Shows You What Your Animal Companion Does While You’re Away Your pet is a big part of your family. Do you ever wonder what your dog or cat is up to when you are away from home, such as when you run errands or are at work? You might sometimes get a clue about the adventures your feline friend gets involved in, like when you see mud on Continue Reading
  • concert camera

    Is a Small Video Camera Good For Concerts?

    Big concerts are exciting for those who attend, but it can be hard to capture that excitement in pictures. Big concert cameras are too heavy and bulky to hold up high enough to get the good shots, while the cell phones many people resort to using certainly don’t have the power to capture the atmosphere of a music festival! What can you do? The Continue Reading
  • shutterstock_192810959

    How Can You Buy a Camera for Bike Riding?

    From long adventures on winding roads all summer long to a biking excursion into a rainforest on a cruise trip, there are plenty of reasons to have a bike camera. Finding the right camera for bike riding means taking into consideration the type of experience you’ll have as well as the overall conditions you’ll face. The Polaroid Cube is Continue Reading
  • ski cam, ski camera, sport camera

    What’s the Best Sport Camera for Skiing?

    The icy chill of a fresh snowy breeze against your face, a fresh mountain of powder poised in front of you: is there anything better than a day on the slopes? As you crest each hill and arrive, flushed with excitement at the bottom of the slope to start again, you only wish you could do this all day long. While starting a career as a pro skier may Continue Reading
  • cameras for travelling, good camera for travelling

    What are 3 Benefits Of Carrying A Good Camera For Travelling

    Although the most important part of traveling is creating a lifetime of memories, you can only directly share those experiences with others by keeping a camera close by your side. A good camera for travelling will allow you to bring the ones you love into the places you traveled and experiences you cherish. The footage you share may even inspire others Continue Reading
  • surfboard camera mount, windsurf camera

    How to Catch Some Sweet Waves on Film with a Surfboard Camera Mount

    Skilled surfers know just how much the sport centers on angles, of the waves, body, and board. Knowing how to align all these angles is key to a successful day riding the waves and shooting the best photos, so why not combine these two exercises with a windsurf camera and get the best of both worlds? Introducing the Polaroid CUBE The Polaroid CUBE Mini Continue Reading
  • tough camera, wildlife cameras

    How to Use Wildlife Cameras to Capture Spectacular Photos

    Nothing is more rewarding than capturing life’s most exciting moments on camera.  However, in order to do so, you need a tough wildlife camera, yet one that is small, lightweight and easy to use.  Anything else would just be a hassle and not worth the effort. Look no further, because Polaroid has such a camera and it is guaranteed to amaze you.  Continue Reading
  • underwater camera

    Why Not Dive into Nature With a Waterproof Digital Camera?

    Spending time in the water means chasing exciting experiences, enjoying calming chillout sessions and connecting with friends as you make some fantastic memories. When it’s time to hit the waves or cannonball in, why risk your smart phone to grab a few blurry shots? The Polaroid Cube is meant to fit seamlessly into your aquatic lifestyle, giving Continue Reading
  • camera for traveling

    Do You Own the Best Cameras for Travel?

    How do you decide which are the best cameras for travel? If you’re always on an adventure, you need something light, easy, accessible and quick. With so many different cameras on the market, it can be difficult determining the best travel cameras that will meet your needs, but the Polaroid Cube wins the contest, hands down. Why is it the best? Built Continue Reading
  • surf camera, underwater camera, waterproof camera

    Why Are You Surfing Without a Waterproof Camera?

    Grabbing the perfect wave is often a very personal moment – that buildup of anticipation as you gauge the waves in the distance, that excitement you feel when the wave’s getting closer, that crucial moment when you get on your board to make the most of it. You want to relive that, share it with friends and family – it’s a great Continue Reading
  • ski cam, ski camera

    What Can You Catch on Your Ski Cam?

    Each time you hit the slopes, you likely strive to set new personal records and gain new skills. Without a quality recording of your past jump, agility and speed attempts, you might not know exactly where the bar lies. Thankfully, you can securely attach a Polaroid Cube camera to your helmet to record your actions on the slopes for later review. While Continue Reading
  • cat collar camera

    How to Share Your Love for Your Special Feline with a Cat Collar Camera

    Use a Cat Camera Collar to Show Everyone How Cool YOUR Cat Is! Cat photos are one of the biggest trends on the internet right now. Nothing is funnier, or cuter then some of pictures of cats circulating the web lately. While cat lover’s love looking at cats, what if you didn’t have just stand on the sidelines. Join the ranks in a more creative way Continue Reading