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They say seawater is good for the skin and sunshine is great for the mind so nothing beats a day lounging at the beach. While you soak up rays full of vitamin D this summer don’t forget to bring along a beach camera to capture all the sun and fun. Your seaside adventures will come through in gorgeous 8 megapixel color and sound when you bring Polaroid CUBE+ along. In fact, all your angles on chillaxing can be recorded from a variety of points-of-view with our optional accessories. Whether you’re framing a sunset with our Tripod Mount or simply want a camera for the beach, we’ve got you covered. You’ll practically smell the suntan lotion when you see the results of your 1080p, HD video in paradise. An impressive 124 degree wide angle lens is the only way to render the majesties of the sea. Our rugged Bumper Case staves pesky sand and if you use the included lanyard cord, you can even jog down the beach in slow motion and you’ll look very much the part. Our Waterproof Case easily converts your camera on the beach to a Polaroid waterproof camera. So go on in because the water is fine!